Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pompei Was Scrapped in a Day

Rome was not scrapped in a day, but Pompei was!

One of my usual long sagas having to do with coupons, groupons and expiration dates.  Suffice it to say I was about to lose a $45 Groupon at Blurb, so I decided to use it for a book of my Rome scrapbook pages.

Only, I had 29 pages of Rome, and once I got past the 20 page point, the price was the same for 40 pages.  Or something like that.
So I decided to include Pompei with Rome.  After all, Pompei was a Roman city, and the color schemes would work well for both.  Only Pompei was not even started.

Enter simple templates from Anna Aspnes Project 2011, elements taken from the pages already created for Rome, and after a day of working, I had the 8 pages of Pompei!

Pompei 1 Pompei 2

Pompei 3 Pompei 4

Pompei 5 Pompei 6

Pompei 7 Pompei 8 
The 40-page book is ordered and I am excited to see how it looks!

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