Thursday, September 15, 2011

On to Orvieto

The next stop in my scrapping of our European vacation is the hill town of Orvieto.  I LOVED Orvieto.  I think I could live in Orvieto, or San Gimignano... would be a hard choice.

I've already shown my beautiful photos of the day from Orvieto, the wonderful view of the Umbrian landscape that met us as we arrived at the top of the tufa hill, then the incredible duomo even higher up, the crowning achievement of this tiny hill town.

But there was so much more, so much stone and flowers, shops and people, nooks and crannies filled with little wonders to be discovered, starting from our wonderful Hotel Corso...

Orvieto 1

where from our little balcony we gazed down upon little yards full of pink hydrangeas.
Orvieto 2

Credits - Anna Aspnes FotoBlenz Template No 7, ArtPlay Palettes Poppy, Saffron Villa, No 1, Descriptives Word Transfers, Floral Art No 3; Jen Maddocks Frame Templates, Blink.

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