Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crafty Blogging - The Design Sponge Event

Take what I do, as in artsy craftsy blogging, to a whole different level, and you have design*sponge.  Um, perhaps I shouldn't even put me and design*sponge in the same sentence, but anyway... not sure when it was I discovered design*sponge, but I enjoy it daily, with doses of DIY, peeks into beautiful homes, and inspirational design references.

A couple of months ago, pre-release ordering of Design Sponge at Home, the book, was announced.  I was at work and didn't want to take the time, so I wrote on a scrap of paper, order Design Sponge book for Megan.  Not long after, she texted me that she had ordered the book.  Rats, there goes a good Christmas present idea.

Last night, though my proactively following of design*sponge on Twitter, we were among the attendees "on the list" for the book signing at Anthropologie in San Francisco.

I managed to take lots of blurry photos,

Megan at Anthro

but some were still fun and inspiring, as in, I love these decorations made with shredded maps . . .
Anthro shredded maps

and I think this dress needs to come home with me, it would be good to wear for Thanksgiving . . .
Cute corduroy  dress

So many things I love, both for sale and as decor:
Zzzz 's mobile Inspiration at Anthro
Inspiration at Anthro Book at Anthro

Here was the cookie wall that served as the backdrop for the event photographer...hopefully we will get to see the picture of us in front of it.  And yes, one did get to eat the cookies off the wall, and yes, they were good, especially when washed down with champagne!

Cookie Photo Wall

and thank goodness one good non-blurry photo of Megan with Grace Bonney.  How cute are they??
Megan & Grace

Oh and yes, I was there, here is the proof:
Me in the Mirror

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  1. Love the photo you took in the mirror! Sometimes I feel like I need proof I was there too!