Monday, September 12, 2011

Blurry Can Be Beautiful

One of the September challenges at Oscraps is to scrap with a blurry photo.  Unfortunately, I have made it a point recently to delete blurry photos, since, after all, they are blurry.

So I thought I might have to skip this challenge, but while flipping through our Europe vacation photos, since I think I saved a couple that were blurry but precious, like ones of Tod and I in front of something special, taken by someone who moved the camera...anyway, I came across the photos from Truemmelbach Falls.  It was much too dark inside the mountain falls for any kind of instant picture, but still I wanted to capture something of the water-carved walls and thundering waters.

Since all the photos were blurry, it was either keep the blurry photos or have no photos at all (I remember the last time when we were there in 2009, I bought a postcard, but this time I don't even think I bought a postcard).
And so the blurry photos are scrapped into an artsy layout, where masks and blending and brushes seem to make the blurriness seem quite intentional, and quite beautiful! 
Oh and this page counts towards my vacation scrapping, now all I have to do is bridge the gap between Orvieto and Lauterbrunnen!
Trummelbach Falls
Credits: Masks, glows, FotoBlenz from Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Templates 12 & 19, plus paper & brushes from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Saffron Villa. Font is laundromat1967, and I love how I was able to emboss it to look a bit like rock.

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