Saturday, September 24, 2011

AnnaLift 9/23 Butterflies

Another Friday AnnaLift at Oscraps, this one featuring a striking photo composition featuring blue! (by Rita 006).

I was inspired by the blue color, and the backgrounds and elements were so nice, I pretty much reproduced them.  My photo of the day from Monday, when the sky was so blue as we approached the golf course, and two monarch butterflies were flitting about, and one landed on the very tip of the tree and I even had enough time to get out my phone and snap a picture.

I used the blending technique from the tutorial I wrote for Simply Kelly to add some of Deena Rutter's Necessary Office Paper to the background, providing the grid like element I admired in the inspiration layout.

Anna Lift 0923 Butterflies 
Anna Aspnes Magic PhotoBlenz Album pg 20
Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Find My Way
Deana Rutter Necessary Office Paper

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