Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anacapri Complete

Here it is the first of September, 3 months since we traveled to Europe, 2 months since we have returned, and I have managed to scrap the first 7-8 days of the trip.  At this rate, I will be at this for a while.  But there are just so many pictures, some of them representing the same things, but every time I see bougainvillea, I love it, I find it beautiful, and I take a picture of it.  And when it is dripping down the side of a white or pastel colored building, or over  an arbor, showcasing its beautiful colors under a clear blue sky, it is irresistible to me.

And so there were a lot of photos to use to finish scrapping Anacapri.  I used Anna Aspnes Project 2011 templates since they have lots of photos per page.  But I altered them all a bit, because even though I don't mind squeezing as many photos as possible on a page, I want to be able to see them, so too small is not for me.

Many of the photos in these first two layouts were from the Villa San Michele, the home of Axel Munthe, a Swedish doctor who settled here in the mid 1900s.
Anacapri 2a Anacpri 2b

The villa was loaded with wonderful mosaics and statuary, the gardens were cool and shady and lovely ...
Anacapri 2a

and the view from the sphinx is purported to be the best on Capri.
Anacpri 2b

More bougainvillea, more hydrangeas, more ceramics as we continued to explore the tiny little streets of Anacapri
Anacapri 3a Anacapri 3b

Anacapri 3a

and one of my favorite parts, on the road to Villa Jarvis, which we never did reach (it was too hot to hike an hour uphill), we passed through the back yards of villa after villa, and they were all so lovely, full of flowers and statuary.  These were not showcase homes, but merely where the Caprese live.
Anacapri 3b

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