Monday, August 22, 2011

Jen Maddocks Helps with Sorrento

After I finished scrapping the 29 pages of Rome, I was at a bit of a loss as to how I would approach Sorrento.  Of course I started by copying the pictures I wanted to use.  But what style, templates, papers would I use?

Jen Maddocks to the rescue!  Jen has a bunch of new products releasing today and they completely kickstarted my Sorrento scrapping! This first page uses a background from Blink, a kit featuring a set of beautiful artsy backgrounds.  The frames and elements are from Jen's kits Parchment, Tell Your Story and Sunday Morning.
Sorrento Blink

The facing page uses a template from Basic Essential Templates 3, background from her new Forest Blues paper kit, plus papers from her new Damask kit.Additional elements are from Parchment, Tell Your Story and Sunday Morning.  I loved finding those super perfect ornate frames which fit so well around the blocks of the template, framing the pictures of the tiles and bougainvillea, supplemented with papers in the alternate blocks.
Sorrento BET3

I was now on a roll! Another Blink background made for this lovely collage of some of the more intimate pictures from Sorrento, a view of Marina Grande from the sea level, and a little shrine tucked into a back alley of the town.  Carrying elements like the frames and the brads from previous kits, this layout also adds some elements from Jen's kits Grandma's Quilt and Everyday Garden.
Sorrecto Blink 2

For the facing page, Jen's Frames Templates, an all-time favorite, were perfect for a few of my favorite pictures, that evening when the sun was setting and casting a glow on the town, making for the most beautiful light.
Sorrento Blink 3

This left me with just some odds and ends photos that didn't necessarily tell a complete story, but learning from Anna Aspnes' Project 2011, it's OK to collect miscellaneous images into a set of pages, the story being that these are miscellaneous images from a special time and place. I used templates from Anna Aspnes Project 2011 in these layout, but to tie them to the rest of the Sorrento pages, I carried over a few of the frames and elements, and these also use backgrounds from Jen's Forest Blues and Blink kits.
Sorrento 5a

Sorrento 5b

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