Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A DIY Table Tale

Once upon a time there was this little table in the master bathroom.  It was cute, and oh so useful, catching my jammies on the way into the shower, but needed a little something.

Table Before 1 Table Before 2
Along came some inspiration (from BHG)! I am currently in love with turquoise, and loved this combination with white and browns.
Turquoise Inspiration
This is the same color Megan used to repaint her desk, so I didn't even have to buy paint. Step 1 was to add some molding strips to form a frame. We found these in the garage and hand cut them with a miter box. Then I primed and painted. Cost so far...$0.
Next I added leftover glass tiles from the remodel of the floor. Still no cost! Photobucket
Grout (also leftover from the floor) and replace!  And the boring little table is now a mosaic color punch in the room!  Total cost - $0, total time, about a week, since I had to wait for primer and paint to dry in between steps.
Table After 2

Table After 1
I am pleased with the project and anxious to add more turquoise elements to the room!

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  1. This looks great! I dream about doing things like this but in real life I buy things like this! LOL! :)