Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Continuing to Continue Along the Amalfi Coast

What can I say, I have way more pictures than I am scrapping, and what I am scrapping is way more than will fit on a page, or even a double page.  I often see, and admire, layouts with lots of pictutres on them.  But I don't seem to be able to do it.  I want my pics large.

But I did squeeze a few onto this spread, which is covering the drive along the Amalfi Coast between Positano and Ravello, where we had lunch, bringing the current Amalfi Coast page count up to 6, which with Sorrento makes 12, but who's counting?
Amalfi 5 Amalfi 6

I started this layout with Anna Aspnes Project 2011 Template #8, just reducing the number of photos a bit so I could make them all a little larger.  There is not much else added, just background papers, from Jen Maddocks Blink and Damask.
Amalfi 5

I've been playing a lot with blending modes on these Sorrento and Amalfi layouts, and really like what can happen when the sea or sky blends into a background.  OK, on to Ravello!
Amalfi 6

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