Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 365 & Last Week in Review

The prompt for a photo for the 9th day of August is a favorite child's toy.  One might think I would have a lot of toys in the house, but I actually don't.  What I do have, and these would certainly qualify as a favorite, are my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, circa 1962.

I loved these dolls, love them still, and so they have a place of honor on the chiar in my bedroom, in front of a fluffy quilt, and alongisde a second pair of hugging Ann & Andy, which may have been a later 60's addition.

I seem to recall my mom giving these to Megan to play with when she was little, and I seem to recall thinking that was not a good idea.  But maybe that was a Barbie.  Anyway, whoever may or may not have played with them besides me, they are still in wonderful and bright condition, all the eyes and buttons in place.

Ann and Andy

And keeping up with the scrapping as well as the taking of pictures, I have completed Week 31, July 31st through August 6. These layouts feature the Magic PhotoBlenz Album template by Anna Aspnes (with the right-side page a mirror image of the left-side page), and her newest ArtPlay Palette, Saffron Villa, which I love and love how the warm yellow colors suit the hot days of August.

Week 31 Left Week 31 Right
Week 31 Left

Week 31 Right


  1. I always think of you when I see gnomes. I see them so often in your scrapbook pages! :)

  2. Gorgeous pages! Your dolls are in beautiful condition! Mine didn't hold up so well.