Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 365 - 3. A Favorite Place

I'm a homebody. I love being home.  I can go for days without going outside the gates, and I am happiest that way.  Not that I don't love to travel, but if I have to be home, I want to stay home.

And my back yard is one of the reasons why.  The back yard that I considered the deal breaker on this house.  I did not want this house because I considered the back yard unacceptable.  It was all stone and a silly pool and overcrowded with cheap furniture and gates all around the pool and the doors.  It was cold and crowded and messy and far from inviting.  One could hardly notice the view what for tripping over oversized furniture.

But remove all the junk, add some good and appropriately sized furniture, and a little whimsy, and I now have a yard I can love.

I am so thrilled with the fresh paint on my gnomes, and a new batch of roses is coming out.  Which reminds me, I must get the pepper spray out, because the rabbits also love my yard!

Yard 1 Gnomes

Yard 2 Gnomes

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