Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 365 - 14 - A Favorite Place to Sit

A couple of weeks ago we made a quick stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some things for Megan.  I spotted these lounge chairs, but we didn't really have time to check them out...can't remember if we were rushing to dinner or a movie.

But the next day, on the way back from San Francisco, we stopped and picked up two of the chairs, and they are perfect for the back yard.  They match the dining set nicely, and they are comfy!

It makes for a nice break in the middle of the day, to walk out in the warm back yard and take a little rest in the lounge chairs. Yesterday, Megan enjoyed the chairs for a while, the San Jose sun being a welcome change from the cold summer of San Francisco.  When the Brunos were visiting, Lucrezia and Andrea gravitated to the lounge chairs and took up residence there, basking in the warm sun that reminded them of naples.  Here, at the end of 18 holes of golf....where is my mojito??  
Hmmm, maybe I'll even try morning coffee in these chairs some day.

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