Friday, August 12, 2011

August 365 - 12. My Favorite Walk

It's interesting how my favorites overlap.  My favorite shoes are in my favorite color, and my favorite color is the color of my favorite vegetable, and my favorite place is my favorite place outside, and my favorite place outside shows my favorite time of day.  OK, point made.
So in thinking about my favorite walk, I thought it would be on the golf course, already featured as my favorite game...another overlap.
So instead I will feature my LEAST FAVORITE WALK. Yup, I have a walk that I dread.
Hill 1
The first time we walked up this hill, from the 7th to the 8th hole, I thought, well, it will get easier. But it never does. Never...gets...any...easier.  In fact, when it's over 80 degrees out, as it is most every day in the summer, it
There are some pretty things along the way to distract me. Hill 2 
And now that I have a full complement of clubs to carry and must use the cart, I can no longer take the shorter path up the stairs. Which may be good, because... Hill 3 
... there are 200 of them.
Hill 4 
The only good part about this walk is that eventually we reach the top and it is over, until the next time.
Hill 5

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