Monday, August 1, 2011

August 365 - 1. My Favorite Color

Up until last week, I have not had any trouble taking a photo every day for my Project 365/Photo of the Day, but I seem to have slowed a bit.  Ok, maybe my life is just not that interesting.

But today I discovered Capture Your 365, with lots of ideas and inspiration, among them, a list of prompts for every day of August, with the goal of focusing on favorites.

Prompt for August 1 - 1.  A favorite color.

That's  But which red photo says more about the day:

The ripe red tomato from the Sunday farmer's market, held in my red placement in front of the red walls of my kitchen?
Tomato in Kitchen

or, the red tips of my golf shoes, taken as I walked home from the course after a shortened round, trying to iron out some issues.
Walking in my Golf Shoes

Well, it is good to have choices!

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