Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Photos

What a busy but wonderful day we had, spending it with the relatives from Italy.  After picking them up at the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco, we paid a quick visit to Sausalito for ice-crean and expresso, then headed further up to Muir Woods, which was shrouded in fog, but smelled so fresh and lovely.  Quote of the day, from Lucrezia, spoken with an adorable italian accent, "It is beautiful.  It is important to see it".


How cute are these two?  That is Andrea on the left, Lucrezia on the right.  Lucrezia is the daughter of my grandfather's brother's grandaughter.  At least I think that's right.

And here we all are in the back yard after an American style barbeque - Megan, Anna, me, Tod, Lello and Lucrezia.

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