Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 22 - June in Rome

The decision is made.  I will start by scrapping my photos of the day from June.  It will be a good warmup and give me more time to think about what ultimate grandiose scrapping project I want to create with the 3000 photos and 21 journal entries that summarized our Europe 2011 trip.

And it gives me the opportunity to start playing with the wonderful new digital goodies from Maya de Groot, including fun new templates called Double Dippers.

The first four of the POTDs from June were from Rome.  I enjoyed Rome, and would definitely return and enjoy it again.  It's not Paris, it's much coarser than Paris, it's not London, it's not nearly as refined and sophisticated as both London and Paris.  It's a lot more like New York, only ancient.  There's a lot to do and see, and it is exhausting!  Do not underestimate the impact of walking for 5 days over ancient cobbles reflecting the hot sun of Southern Italy, being bumped and jostled by Italians and tourists from all over the world.

But enough of that for now, here is what I did with the 4 POTDs from June in Rome, using Maya de Groots Double Dippers template, and her kits Family is Forever, All About, Artsy Fartsy and Sail Away.

Week 22 June Rome

I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with the pages yet, but decided to stop and let them sit for a bit.  I liked using vintage-looking papers and script on pages representing the ancient and eternal city of Rome, love all the postmarks and grunginess, just not sure about the colors, although my cues for color were all from this photo, a favorite, of us in front of the Trevi Fountain.  We were so exhausted after the overnight flight in which I did not, as usual, sleep a wink, but oh how excited I was when we poked out from a narrow street to behold the famous fountain!

Week 22 June left Rome

On this companion page I decided to use the Colosseum photo as a large backdrop, using a mask and grunginess from Anna Aspnes Project 2011 Template #2, as well as Travel Word Art from Anna Aspnes.
Week 22 June rt Rome

Previews from some of the kits used, all available from Oscraps (click the previews to go to the store/products):

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