Friday, July 22, 2011

Quote from the Weekend

One of the things I like about Anna Aspnes Project 2011 is that it makes me think.  How can I implement this technique in a meaningful way, given whats going on in my life and the pictures I have to work with.  The thinking is a challenge, and it makes me grow in my skills and become a netter storyteller.

I was thinking about the first two lessons, which were about quoting.  A quote from a special event can be so powerful, evoking a whole flood of memories.  A remembered quote can last for years.  For example, I remember things Crissy said when she was 2 and 3 years old, remarkable things for a 2 or 3-year old to say, and they bring back a crystal clear picture of where we were and what we were doing ("Hey, what's going on here?", "I want to go on a honeymoon.").  Such is the quote I chose from this past weekend that we spent with Anna, Lello, Lucrezia and Andrea.

I was worried that these teenage girls who lead a somewhat charmed life would be bored by a rather out of the way trip to see some trees.  They are special trees, the coastal redwoods of Muir Woods, but then again, trees and 15/16 year olds??

I was not going to ask if they liked it, but rather, explain that Tod likes to share nature with people, and her response, "It is beautiful.  It is important to see it", spoken in her adorable Italian-accented English, will be what I most remember from this trip.

The second technique from the project I have been wanting to try if blending a paper onto a quote.

I combined these two aspects into a double-page spread from our visit to Muir Woods.  Besides the shots of us at the woods, I took a close up picture of some redwood burl, and the colors and textures of the burl are providing the background for the right-hand page.  These colors are perfectly complemented in Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise.

Muir Woods Quoted Muir Woods Right

Muir Woods Quoted

Muir Woods Right

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