Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Best in Lauterbrunnen

My best photo shot in Lautenbrunnen, actually in Gimmelwald, and, well, perhaps the best photography of the trip, since we know I am no photographer, but rather, one who likes to take pictures and occasionally gets lucky, was this shot of the mountain with the poppies in the foreground.  I was so taken with the poppies growing in Switzerland, the giantly orange cultivated oriental poppies.  They were everywhere, in every garden, and when they appeared in a hillside garden with the Alps in the background, I thought it might make a good photo, and it did, and I chose it as my Photo of the Day..


And so as I was preparing the layouts of my June photos of the day, I thought this special photo warrented its own layout.  I used Anna Aspnes Project 2011  full page mask as the starting point, supplementing it with papers from her ArtPlay Pallette Barren Sunrise, which picked up some of the pink and orange colors, then added some word art from her Travel Word Art and Descriptives Transfers.  A numbered circle marking the day of the month, from ArtPlay Palette Special One, and journaling, complete the simple page (which I *heart*).

June Lauterbrunnen Right


  1. Love poppies. They are one of my favorites. Love this.