Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving into July

Now that I have completed scrapping all of the photos of the day from June, with the exception of June 30, I am moving into July.  As I am moving back and forth between the early weeks of the year and the current weeks of the year, I can honestly say it is better to scrap current, as it is much easier to remember the details.

Since I had 1 picture from June that was not about Europe, and 2 from the first week in July, I decided to combine this short part of week 26 with 7 photos from week 27, into a double page layout featuring all 10 photos.

I thought one of the templates from Anna Aspnes' Project 2011, with the many photo masks, would be a good starting point. The number of photos was not exact, but I simply added, subtracted, multiplied and divided to meet my needs, while hopefully keeping the feel of the templates.

Back in week 2 of Project 2011, a suggested journaling technique was to use 6 words.  The idea was to supplement the pictures with 6 powerful words.  I am not sure my words are powerful, but I like them.  They do say a lot about what was going on, what I feel, what I like, and as I look at them, my mind combines these words into phrases which relate even more about the week, like...
  • delightful blooming flowers and trees
  • delightful weather
  • blooming hot
  • hot but delightful weather
  • my backyard fantasy full of gnomes
  • delightful flowers everywhere I go (neighborhood, farmers market)
  • charming gnomes added to my collection (my new Gnomeo & Juliet)
  • Midnight in Paris was a charming movie
  • charming fantasy gnomes
  • charming gnomes create a fantasy backyard
I decided I needed, and wanted, a little more journaling to be sure some little details, like which movie we were seeing when we stood in front of the Smurfs, and why am I suddenly showing pictures of older gnomes (they are newly painted!!).

Week 27

In the background of the left-side page are several papers from Anna Aspnes Something Springy.  The word art for the 3 words on this page are a combination of Anna's Descriptives, Jen Maddocks Apple Blossom, and simple text in funky fonts set against Descriptives.  Several of Katie Pertiet's Flower Cards are blended into the background.

Week 27  Left

On the right side, there are so many photos the background is nearly hidden, but more Descriptives and creative fonts adds the 3 words to this page.  The picture taken in the dark lobby of the movie theater is admittedly not a good photo (despite attempts at editing), but it still is precious to me.  Adding a simple hand-drawn pencil frame adds some emphasis and whimsy.  The papers and numbers are from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Special One.

Week 27 Right

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