Friday, July 1, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

I don't normally like to leave home in the summer, since we have the best summer weather anywhere.  But as if Mother Nature has been particularly accommodating, the weather over the course of our 30-day European trip was particularly good, and the weather in San Jose was particularly bad. 

But it has returned to normal in time for our return.

Meanwhile, in the garden, the hibiscus tree is in bloom against the brilliant summer blue sky ...

That bush by the fence near the spa that I wanted to cut down has some nice blooms on it ...

And finally, thanks goodness, since I was worried that it might not have survived the winter in the garage and the bad weather of spring, the plumeria has new leaves!

Oh and I keep missing these milestones, perhaps because they don't matter, but yesterday marked my 1100th post, so with July 1 I start with 1101.

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