Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finishing up June

The last of the June photos of the day, at least up until the 29th when we flew back from Zurich, with our stops in Zermatt, Pontresina, St. Moritz and Zurich, using Anna Aspnes Project 2011 Template 4, with her ArtPlay Palettes Englush Rose, Barren Sunrise and some glows and loops from her Magic FotoBlenz Album.

June Zermatt June End

I will forever be content that we were able to see the Matterhorn clearly on not only our arrial day but also our departure day.  The one in between, well, we knew it was there.  And now we don't have to go back, since it is rather far out of the way, and the most expensive place we encountered in Switzerland (thank goodness for the CoOp grocery!).  And I will forever remember the fresh and lovely hike to Zmutt, how kind it was of the people at breakfast to recommend this wonderful hike, and how beautiful the weather was and how perfect the trail as we gently climbed nearly 100 feet above the Zermatt valley floor.

June Zermatt

And Pontresina, St. Moritz and Samedan.  they were not at all what I expected, and in fact St. Moritz was a disappointment.  Tod hit the nail on the head when he said it had no soul, but there was plenty of soul in the other little towns, and plenty of good weather and hiking opportunities in this perfect geological bowl.  Zurich we will remember as being too hot, and the lovely flight attendants we met on the boat who shared the United wine with us :-)

June End

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