Saturday, July 23, 2011

Envelope Quilt in Progress

One of the most interesting pieces of mail received while we were away in June was a package from my friend Pat Yamin of Come Quilt With Me.  In it was a template set and a letter asking for a quilt to be made for an upcoming TV appearance.  Of course I would do it, I would do anything for Pat.

Fast forward several weeks and aghast, the quilt needs to be in New York by August 1.

While I had been thinking about it, choosing fabrics, even making blocks, it was not proceeding well, which sometimes happens.  But it was time to just go for it.

And so in the past several days I completed the blocks, chose a setting, finished the top, and started quilting it.  By the end of the day it was ready for the buttons to be sewn on, which I did in front of a movie (The Figher).

Envelope Quilt in Progress 1

I still need to finish 12 more buttons before shipping it off.  And I am still not crazy about it.  I like the fabrics, the Come Quilt With Me collection of 30's reproductions designed by Pat Yamin and produced by Marcus Brothers.  I like the blocks, but I wish I could have come up with a more creative setting.  And the setting fabric was hard to choose.  I rearranged the blocks a hundred times, then a hundred times more as I mixed them up while sewing the rows.  There is one thing I do like, which I'll show once it is all done.
Envelope Quilt in Progress 2

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