Sunday, July 24, 2011

Envelope Quilt Completed

At the end of last evening and the end of the movie (The Figher...I recommend this!), and the depletion of my energy, there were still 12 more buttons to sew on.  Fortunately there was a Yankee game on TV today so I could plop myself in the naugabeast and settle in with needle and thread.

The envelope quilt, titled "Return to Sender" is now complete, packed and will be on its way to New York tomorrow.

I have a new favorite place to take pictures of my quits, especially smaller ones, draping them over the rocks of the pool.  The light is so much better, and the sky provides a wonderful backdrop.  As I ran to get the camera, I had a vision of the wind suddenly picking up and dumping the newly finished quilt into the pool, but fortunately that didn't happen.

Envelope Quilt

Envelope Quilt

My secret ingredient, the one that I think takes the quilt from ok to better-than-ok, is the quilting. I freehand quilted the alphabet in lower case cursive, over and over on the quilt (only needed about 4 repetitions in the body of the quilt) and then again in each of the borders.

Envelope Quilt

I miss sewing, and have dragged out a "UFO" (unfinished object), a double wedding ring in 30's repros, that I am going to try to work on now and then.

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  1. I love the use of freehand alphabet to quilt this -- genius!