Sunday, July 31, 2011

Curved 9-Patch Revival

Another quilt revival, this one, and I admit I had to think hard and look this up, is a curved 9-patch.  I am pretty sure this quilt project, yes, still in progress, was started before the Double Wedding Ring.  Interestingly enough, the shapes are very similar, and this one also has a funky technique to eliminate the curved piecing.

It started with deciding to remove the blue and lace tablecloth from the dining room table.  I like the dining room table extended to its full length, but the leaves are not of the same wood quality as the table, which by the way is quite antique, and so I needed something to cover them.
Looking around for a table runner with blue in it, I came up empty handed, since they are all in use in my bedroom.  But I found this square of 16 curved 9-patch blocks that I thought would work.

Curved 9 Patch

Love the soft pastel colors against the dark wood.
Curved 9 Patch

Thought I would plop the newly blooming purple African Violet on top for an even more cottage vintage look.
Curved 9 Patch

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  1. Diane - where did you get the pattern for this one? I think Mum might like it.