Sunday, June 5, 2011

7 Days in May - Day 5 My View

Another template was provided for Day 5 of the Jessica Sprague 7 Days in May challenges, with a theme of "this is love".  I decided not to spend any time thinking about this, just grab the photos I took yesterday, of something I love, and scrap 'em!

I love templates like this with grungy masks, and the background paper provided was a perfect complement to the picture of my 'golden hour'.  I didn't actually know that's what it's called, that part of the day when the sun is setting and casting a golden glow on things.  I was going to title this 'Alpenglow' but I looked up alpenglow, and that's not really what's going on here, although I have seen alpenglow.

So, the difference...alpenglow is when the sun is behind the object you are looking at, like snow-capped mountains, and you see the sun reflected off clouds behind you, or glowing behind the object.  The golden hour is more about the setting sun shining directly on the subject, as here.  There is something in the San Jose hills, must be a big window or something, that shines like a bright orange spotlight!  I love seeing it!
I took the small picture relfected in the kitchen sliding glass doors.  There is a bit of golden hour reflected in my hair :-)

Sunset 7DaysMay5

The template is called ez-pz template 09 by LivE Designs.  All the additional elements are from Jen Maddocks Venerable, Jen Maddocks Parchment and Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Finding My Way.

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