Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7 Days in May - Day 1 Template

At least for right now, I am challenge-addicted.  Well perhaps I have always been that way, as I certainly enjoyed lots of challenges in my Artist Trading Card-making days.  Right on the heels of the Designer Digitals weekend challenges, comes Jessica Sprague's 7 Days in May challenges, which started on Monday May 23rd.  I'm not sure I will do them all, as the need to get more serious about packing as our trip approaches, but Day 1 was fun.

A very simple 9-photo template was provided for Day 1, LivE Designs I Heart MOMA template, inspired by a visit to the MOMA in New York.  This got me thinking of museum visits, and perhaps one of the most enjoyable was Megan's first visit to the Picasso Museum in Paris, back in May of 2005.  How I enjoyed her enjoyment of this wonderful museum.  And 9 little photos were good to use with the rather poor quality photos taken without a flash in the museum, but still able to convey the mood and memories of the visit.

For the background, I used photos from our return visit in January of 2009, when there was a giant construction screen in the courtyard of the building, reflecting the building and beautiful colored glass windows.  A little brushwork blended these photos rather seamlessly, I think, with the distant view of Montemarte taken from the Pompidou Center.  In the middle is Megan at le Bateau Lavoir, Picasso's studio in Montemarte, where I got her to take a cheesy picture :-)

To make the whole layout more Picasso-like, I colored and tilted all the frames.  I *heart* this layout!

Picasso in Paris

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