Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 19 on the 19th

When I am all caught up on my Creative Team responsibilities, I can work on my weekly layouts.

Since I did Week 18 with Jen Maddocks Crop Circles, I wanted to do a facing page with the same basic template, mirror imaged.  I really like these collage-like layouts to represent the week.

I used the same Folded Craft paper and Scratched Alpha from Jen, and the same month stamp from Simply Kelly.  Also the Hipster Plume and FotoGlows from Anna Aspnes.  I also got to throw in some additional cool elements - the fork from Jen Maddocks Venerable, the notebook and pen and L O V E work art from Jen's Parchment.

It's funny how many "eventful" things can be accounted in a single week, when you take the time and effort to account for them.  Mother's Day brunch, several rounds of golf, the delicious Chef Randy meatloaf, my staple order at the Club bar, some wonderful NY gnome graffiti sent to me by the thoughtful Yvonne, and a bobcat strolling down Arezzo Drive!

Week 19 Crop Circles

Here is how the pages will look side-by-side.  Hmmm, might have to do some alignment tweaking before I print.
Week 18 JMD Circles FC Week 19 Crop Circles

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