Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Collab on Monday

OOh I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to show some lovely layouts using a new Sunday Morning collaboration between Jen Maddocks and Ashelee Wall, available at Digital Dandelions. It is soft and sweet yet graphic and grungy and oh so many things that I like.

Ashelee's papers are often patterned and softly colored, perfect for that Sunday morning feeling.  Jen adds an edge that just makes my heart, and my layouts, sing, even if it is a bit more softly as in Sunday morning acoustic sunrise in this case.

There are some seriously awesome elements in this collaboration, for example, the grungy beach chairs!

So, what did I do with this collaboration, besides have some fun??

First up, I loved the grungy day-of-the-week word art included in the collab. Perfect for use with photos of the day, as I did in this Jane Eyre layout. We went to see Jane Eyre a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it so much, it seemed only fitting to use some art from the movie for my photo of the day, especially since I did not think to snap a pic of the screen.  I had to search long and hard for what I felt was the best representation of the film, and I just love how this poster fits the Sunday Morning feeling, especially with a little brushwork on top of it.

Jane Eyre Collab

Next, I continued with the POTD layouts, using a simple picture of a hawthorne bush to convey the day, and thinking how nicely these two layouts will look printed and in my binder, side-by-side. Hawthorne, while ordinary, does represent this geographic areea, and does represent April. As we were getting into the car after a day of golf, I realized I hadn't taken any photos yet so snapped a few of the hawthornes in the golf course parking lot.

Check out that awesome flower branch!  I brushed in a little color with a transparent watercolor brush and sigh, how I love this!

Pink Bush Collab

And finally, the beach chairs must be used. They immediately reminded me of the trips to Ocean City, especially the trip where Amy took those fabulous photos of Molly modeling Megan's Guatemalan dress on the beach. Perfect, n'est-ce que pas?

Molly at beach

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