Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scrappin' Backwards - Week 9

Week 9 was a good week! We started with Megan's 23rd birthday celebration on Sunday. We made Megan a cake in the shape of 23 from two round cakes, with very little wasted. Make that none wasted, 'cause we ate the little piece that had to be cut out.  The tulips Dziem brought for Megan brightened my week and feature prominently in more than one Photo of the Day.

Although it was still quite cold, as witnessed by all the woolies I am wearing, all newly handmade by me, spring was also in the air, as the jasmine on the back fence started to show its buds.
The lace I ordered from Calico Corners for the upstairs curtains arrived.  

On Friday I went up to San Francisco to have lunch with Megan.  We ate at Noeteca, then walked over to Guerrero Park, a little recovered and revived street corner in Noe Valley.  While there, Megan got an email from Chelsea at Pottery Barn and secured an interview for the following Monday!  It was pretty exciting, and as we now know led to the intern job there.

This web version of the layout doesn't quite do the colors justice.  They are, as one viewer said, quite vivacious!  The tulips were the most luscious orange streaked with golden yellow, which I blended into a luscious orange background paper from Anna Aspnes' Something Springy kit.
The template is Simply Kelly's 7-photo Template, which I love for doing weekly layouts, with it's one large focal photo and 6 smaller ones, although as usual I enlarged all smaller photos to be larger.

Week 9

Other credits:
Anna Aspnes Something Springy, ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise and Special One papers, alpha, elements and overlays, plus Fotoglows from Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Template #12. 
Other elements, like the white flower, the word art and the top border - Jen Maddocks Tell Your Story and Venerable.
The month word art pieces are from Maya de Groot's Snap kit.
The font used for Week 9 is one that Anna uses in her FotoBlenz templates and is called The Maple Origins, available from

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  1. Megan is lucky to have such awesome parents! Glad you are going back to finish up the year!