Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roses are More than Red

On our walk last Saturday, the same one in which we encountered the new gnome friends, and in fact not far away from the gnomes on Morningside Drive, I stumbled across the most beautiful rose bush. I wanted to kneel down at the feet of the bush and worship the intense beauty of these roses. In fact I did kneel down to get the best pictures, as well as to savor the intense colors.  So just with my phone camera, I captured the most lovely images!

I scrapped them into a color swatch challenge from Design House Digital.  I included the color swatch right on the, orange, peachy red and dark gray.  These roses had gold, orange and peachy red all in their petals, so with just a bit of added gray, my color swatch layout was complete.

DHD May Swatch Roses

I used a Tiffany Tillman Master Series template which wonderfully blends the backgrounds. I also used her Butter papers and elements from the DHD iNSD Blog Hop freebie. Additional elements from Karen Funk's In Bloom, the tear from the Blog Hop kit, with Jen Allyson's Vintage Black & Cream paper on it.

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