Monday, May 16, 2011

Parchment, Bruges, Old Postcards & Time

The title is to be sung to the tune of Simon & Garfunkles' Scarborough Affair...Parchment, Bruges, old postcards & time...

OK, a stretch, but this is what's going on here:
- Parchment, a new release from Jen Maddocks Designs
- pictures of Bruges, one of my favorite European cities
- postcard from Harry Weber's 1930 trip to Europe
- time, or timeless in this case, as is Bruges, although I could not identify the location in the postcard (the simple solution would be to turn it over and read it, but it's currently out of the house...put on the "todo" list to get it back in the house)

Update - the postcard is back, revealing that the site is the Minnewater, which is a little helpful.  I believe my picture is also the Minnewater, the area behind the Begijnhof, which I think is where Megan is standing in the picture.  Oh, I need to take better travel notes!

These layouts use Jen Maddocks Frame Templates, with their wonderful grungy masks and frames and super-cool vintge-look photo frames, in addition to Parchment papers and elements.

Several little tidbits I remember from the canal boat trip we took in, how long we had to wait in line, and I remember one of the boat drivers sitting there eating his lunch while the lines got longer and longer, and two, how my camera ran out of battery or memory or both, and Megan was hurriedly trying to delete photos while I took the rest of the pictures with my phone.  And then there were the chocolate willies but that's a story for another time and venue.

In Bruges Parchment

In Bruges 2 Parchment

This is the Parchment kit, full of wonderful script and news-like papers, notebooks, typewriter, all things journal-ly!

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