Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Redux

As the temperature soared into the 80's during the week, I was excited about wearing my new sleeveless floral dress that I bought at Anthropologie on the Saturday shopping trip with Megan.  However, the day dawned cloudy and downright cold.  Good thing I had also bought a new pair of pants, which combined with 3 layers, a scarf and a coat, yes, a coat, were more appropriate for the day.

But I tried not to let the cold dampen the pleasure of brunch at Noeteca with Megan and Tod.  After all, the company was just what I wanted, the setting great, the food fabulous!
And when they brought me a complimentary Mother's Day dessert, I may have cried a little.

Mothers Day Scrapbook Mothers Day Scrapbook 2

These layouts look so wonderfully complex, as I like them but much is due to the awesome artsy products used - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Templates and ArtPlay Palette Special One.  I love how the swirly elements mimic the ironwork on the window, and the giant clock hand sits behind the clock picture.  I love that these photos were just random attempts to capture the moment and they tell such wonderful parts of the story.  I love the repetition of the black & white stripes and the checks on the floor and the black stools against the white light.
Mothers Day Scrapbook

After bunch we headed to Hayes Valley to buy macarons at Paulette, only to find Paulette closed for renovation.  But we were still able to find macarons at Miete and enjoy the other shops in the area, full of flowers and stained glass, while enjoying a Blue Bottle drip.

Thanks for another wonderful Mother's Day!

Mothers Day Scrapbook 2


  1. So glad you had a great Mother's Day! :)

  2. A mothers day? We, in Poland, celebrate it on 26th of May. You know you got me really scared? :(