Sunday, May 8, 2011

International Scrapbooking Day - Part 1 Green Scones

Of course International Scrapbooking Day is a real holiday, as much as Mother's Day, and certainly more fun that Administrative Assistants day or something like that.  It was almost overwhelming, how much stuff abounded on the internet on scrapbooking sites for this celebratory day and week.  Of course there were lots of speed scraps, which are too much fun to miss.

Since it's Mother's Day, I'll post a picture of myself.

This photo was taken by my colleague Phebe at the English Tea we had for the departure of 3 of our other colleagues, Jasmine, Shirley and Shweta.  The concept of tea was devised by my other colleague Lynda, who is English.  With such a diverse workforce, the honorees being Chinese, Japanese and Indian, it was not clear to everyone what to do with the lovely scones.  And so I was asked to demonstrate how to cut and butter a scone.  Ham that I am, happy to comply.
Why green?  Well, I think I look good in green :-)

Made this layout at a speed scrap at Design House Digital, where unfortunately the iNSD festivities were too much for its server for much of the week, taking it down and out of commission, but fortunately they fixed it in time for last night's speed scrap.

DHD Speed Scrap Scones

Everything from DHD, mostly from the iNSD Bloghop Freebie kit.

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