Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here, Kitty Kitty

Last Saturday May 14th, we walked out of the house in the morning to head to the fitness center, when across the street I see a bobcat, just sauntering along the houses and driveways. I just happened to have my camera with me because I was planning on possibly walking home. At first I thought he was going to disappear into a back yard before I could get the camera on, but he continued in sight, and I was able to follow him and get a few pictures.

The crows went freakin' nuts, descending on the area screeching and swooping down to the kitty, who didn't really seem to mind me or the crows. He just went about his business, walked to the park-like area at the end of the street, walked through the fence, up the hill through the tall grass, and on to the ridge and out of sight.

So, perfect photo of the day material, and opportunity to use the pics in a speed scrap at Design House Digital on Saturday night.

DHD Speed Scrap Bobcat

Papers - Karen Funk Paradise Punch, Alpha - Genia Beana Wild About You, Frames - Celeste Knight Weathered Frames and Karen Funk bloghop frame, other ellies - Maya de Groot Home Sweet Home

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