Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ABCs of Scrappin' Love & Life

Now I know my ABCs, it's as easy as can be...
If you've always wanted to complete an ABC album but don't have the time, a new ABCs Template release from Simply Kelly Designs is just the ticket.

Oh how many times I have played with the concept of the alphabet in my art (my French alphabet Artist Trading Cards...) and how many more times I will do the same. This time it is portraying the likes and loves of my life in a 2-page scrapbook layout, using Simply Kelly's ABCs Template.  In case it is too hard to figure out from the tiny pictures, here is what my ABCs represent:
  • a - art, all forms
  • b - balls, as in golf balls
  • c - coffee, preferably latte
  • d for Diane, yup, me
  • e - Eiffel Tower
  • f - our front fountain
  • g - gnomes
  • h - our house
  • i - Italy, and all things Italian
  • j - my Jaguar
  • k - our kitchen
  • l - our lemon trees and bushes
  • m - Megan
  • n - the Nasti's
  • o - the ocean
  • p - Paris!
  • q - quilts
  • r - roses
  • s - sewing on my Singer sewing machines
  • t  - Tod
  • u - Umbria
  • v - Venice
  • w -  our 'W' welcome mat
  • x - Xmas
  • y - Yankee Candles
  • z - zebra stripes
ABCs Template

In addition to Kelly's template, the papers and elements are from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Special One and Jen Maddocks Parchment.

Ah, that Paris morning in January of 2009, when we got to the Louvre around 9 am, and got to spend some quality time with Venus de Milo with no one else around.

ABCs Left

I didn't necessarily pick the 'best of' pictures, because any pic of the Eiffel Tower, Paris or Venice will do for me, and any ocean, although this one is from Maui during the Christmas 2009 trip.
ABCs Right

Here is a preview of the template, which makes the double page spread like shown above.

The ABCs Template is on sale for $1 through 6/7. Grab this bargain now before it is gone!  It's a great deal and there are oh so many things you could do with it.  I am thinking...

- abc's of Italy (Assisi through Venezia)
- abc's in action, using pictures of signage, and this could be done in different languages
- graffiti abc's
- hometown abc's
I could go on and on!  It's a fun exercise and makes a great layout!

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