Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swirling Lemons

Bunches of new fun stuff from Simply Kelly this week!

First, this awesomely dynamic Swirls template! I have to admit, I did not know what to do with this at first, but the fun is in the challenge! I'm not sure what finally made me think of using lemons, perhaps the POTD of lemons I took on May 12th - we are quite proud of the fact the we have lemons on the neglected bush-trees we inherited along with this house. Careful pruning, probably not done by the Gartens nor their gardener, is required to keep the bushes in check so as not to block our view, and yet not take off the buds that will become lemons.

And so, I featured our low-hanging fruit in this fun layout, using Simply Kelly's template and her Busy Bees papers and frame, and Simply Kelly Month Brushes.

Lemons SKD Swirls

Monday, May 30, 2011

iPad Blog Posting

Testing email posting of text and picture from ipad.
It looks like it is possible :-)

Spirit of Aloha

While Tod is off playing in Hawaii, I am home freezing (what happened to the perfect weather of California?) and stressing (lots of little things to do still before our trip). But I know I am with him in spirit, I know when he sees a beautiful hibiscus flower he thinks of me and how I would love it, and I love that he sends me pictures so I can enjoy it along with him.

And then I have fresh and new material lo scrap!

So fresh off the camera and into a brand new kit by Jen Maddocks called Everyday Garden, combined with Jen's Frame Templates and elements from her Parchment and Venerable kits.

Aloha JMD Garden

Word art from Anna Aspnes Descriptives Word Transfers.  Brushes from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Special One.

Everyday Garden is available from Digital Dandelions:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Operation Digi-Morph II - Rodin

I participated in a second digi-morph at Design House Digital.  The idea behind a digi-morph is for a succession of people to scraplift the previous layout, kind of like 'pass it on', and see what comes out at the end.  My layout has been done for over a month, but there were two teams of 10 people so it took a while to get through the rotations.

This is another layout that I love!
Below mine is the layout I started from, by Karen Funk of Design House Digital.  The first thing that struck me was a single photo with 3 people in it.  Thought immediately of the picture of us in the sculpture garden of the Rodin museum...love this picture!  I really liked how Karen clustered and layered so well, so I pretty much just copied it, making everything a bit larger.

Digi Morph 2 Rodin

Credits for my layout:
Robyn Meierotto's Kraft Party paper and elements, Jen Allyson's Vintage Findings paper, Black & Cream paper and Antique Tags, Deana Rutter's Maybe Vanilla Plaid paper, Celeste Knight Weathered Frames, Gen Bursett's Mist, Karla Dudley Digi-Essentials circle brush, cajoline scraps ribbon, Royanna French Flea Market fleur-de-lis, big button and scatter, and all credit for the layout go to Karen Funk for her beautifully designed starting page.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Speed Scrap 315 - More Megan Craftiness

The thing about digital art, is, it's digital, and therefore completely online, and therefore there is a proliferation of sites, people, challenges, so as to enable daily doses of inspiration, challenge, feedback, and entertainment.

My favorite site for Speed Scraps is ScrapMatters, where one can find speed scraps several times per week, and they are perfect for getting a layout done quickly.

In this case, I combined the speed scrap with a challenge from Design House Digital to use a blueprint template.

I love it when Megan sends me pictures of her work, and this one was so special, since it is samples of the first thing she designed and made for Pottery Barn, the nautical balls! I included a picture from her birthday, where I gave her the nautical ball for inspiration, and her adorable little orange fabric version, which she said looked a bit like a 'caged pumpkin'.

SS 315 Create

Credits: Gennifer Bursett's Blueprint 6, lots of papers from the DHD iNSD bloghop freebie, Madeline by Amy Stoffel, Boop Designs Flowers alpha, cajoline scraps buttons & bows.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sensible Chic Pillow Craftiness

A couple of weeks ago we paid a visit to the San Francisco Pottery Barn flagship store in the Castro.  So many fun and interesting things to look at, but I latched on to this pillow.  I still can't explain it, but I love this pillow.
Pottery Barn Fish Pillow

It's not that the pillow was all that expensive,I think only $35, but it really wouldn't work in my house. There is nothing fishy in my house. Still, this pillow kept calling out to me.

So I decided to make my own 'sensible chic' version. Everything I needed was right in my crafty sewing room. The PB pillow appeared to be on linen, so I found a vintage off-white feedsack that was a close approximation to the color and texture.
I programmed up the No. 3, which I have no idea what that signifies, but I like it, and embroidered that in blue thread.
What to say? Poulet de Mer makes no sense, but how about Poulet Francais? Again, just punched it up on my embroidery machine and stitched it out.
I struggled with what to do with the rooster, my substitute for the fish, and from my family room drapery fabric. I knew I wanted to rough cut it. Megan suggested a serrated-like cut based on the subtle grid in the background of the fabric. I lightly fused this in place, top stitched with some blue embroidery floss, and used Fray Check around all the edges.
It needed something to tie it to the other pillows, so I used the last of the Christopher Lowell trim that is on the other pillows (bought this for $1/yard at Jo Ann's). There was only enough for 2 sides, but I like it that way. I top-stitched it in place which worked out much better than trying to sew it from the reverse side.
The final edge I tucked and hand-stitched in place. I used an existing pillow from the family room couch.

And here is my sensible chic version. (I should have lined it....oh well.)

Poulet Francais Pillow

Another crafty project completed!
Pottery Barn Fish Pillow Poulet Francais Pillow

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking Back at London

In this case, looking way back.  Another of Harry Weber's photos, this one of Buckingham Palace from July 10, 1930. These pictures are so awesome and precious they deserve a layout all by themselves. This was done as another challenge for the Designer Digitals weekend event. It was a simple challenge, to use the provided elements, a cool hanging journal tag, which I used as a frame, the stitched paper label and the leafy green swirl, which adds a nice touch of color to the otherwise neutral palette. Combined with Anna Aspnes Artplay Palettes - English Rose, Special One, Barren Sunrise. Notebook is from Jen Maddocks Parchment.

This is the style I love the most...lots of ephemera, grunge, blending, filling up the spaces with interesting elements to move the eye around the page.  I think I even successfully managed a mini-cluster with the flower, leaf and button.

London DD Web

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Rome

In just one week, we will be in Rome!  This trip has been planned for so long, it is hard to believe it is about to come to pass.  There was one picture of Rome from Harry Weber's collection of postcards and photos from 1930, which I used in this layout.

Last weekend was the 2nd quarter chat event at Designer Digitals.  There is a storewide 30% off sale, for which my shopping cart is full of new Anna Aspnes products, and there were all day chats, freebies and challenges on Saturday.

The 9 am challenge was to do a collage layout.  Well, hello, that's what I love!

To keep it simple, I used the single photo of Rome in 1930.  The frame, tape strips, graph paper and red and green stamps were the provided freebie.  The notebook, pen, postcard, postal stamps and grunge frame are from Jen Maddocks Parchment.  I love how the elements from these two kits combined so beautifully.

The rest of the collagey goodies are from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise - papers, overlays, transfers, brushes, all combined to add color, balance, lots of text, lines, scribbles, etc.  At one point I found I had added so much stuff, that the picture was a bit lost.  That's when I added the simple red mat and the ROME text using the Maple Origins font.

Rome DD Collage

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ABCs of Scrappin' Love & Life

Now I know my ABCs, it's as easy as can be...
If you've always wanted to complete an ABC album but don't have the time, a new ABCs Template release from Simply Kelly Designs is just the ticket.

Oh how many times I have played with the concept of the alphabet in my art (my French alphabet Artist Trading Cards...) and how many more times I will do the same. This time it is portraying the likes and loves of my life in a 2-page scrapbook layout, using Simply Kelly's ABCs Template.  In case it is too hard to figure out from the tiny pictures, here is what my ABCs represent:
  • a - art, all forms
  • b - balls, as in golf balls
  • c - coffee, preferably latte
  • d for Diane, yup, me
  • e - Eiffel Tower
  • f - our front fountain
  • g - gnomes
  • h - our house
  • i - Italy, and all things Italian
  • j - my Jaguar
  • k - our kitchen
  • l - our lemon trees and bushes
  • m - Megan
  • n - the Nasti's
  • o - the ocean
  • p - Paris!
  • q - quilts
  • r - roses
  • s - sewing on my Singer sewing machines
  • t  - Tod
  • u - Umbria
  • v - Venice
  • w -  our 'W' welcome mat
  • x - Xmas
  • y - Yankee Candles
  • z - zebra stripes
ABCs Template

In addition to Kelly's template, the papers and elements are from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Special One and Jen Maddocks Parchment.

Ah, that Paris morning in January of 2009, when we got to the Louvre around 9 am, and got to spend some quality time with Venus de Milo with no one else around.

ABCs Left

I didn't necessarily pick the 'best of' pictures, because any pic of the Eiffel Tower, Paris or Venice will do for me, and any ocean, although this one is from Maui during the Christmas 2009 trip.
ABCs Right

Here is a preview of the template, which makes the double page spread like shown above.

The ABCs Template is on sale for $1 through 6/7. Grab this bargain now before it is gone!  It's a great deal and there are oh so many things you could do with it.  I am thinking...

- abc's of Italy (Assisi through Venezia)
- abc's in action, using pictures of signage, and this could be done in different languages
- graffiti abc's
- hometown abc's
I could go on and on!  It's a fun exercise and makes a great layout!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Template Tuesday 15 - Natalie's Communion

I have somehow managed to train the family to send me pictures, and I love it!  Each one is so precious, helping me to feel  part of things happening, usually far away.

Last weekend Natalie made her Communion, and she looked so proud and happy in the pretty white dress Lisa made for her.

Natalies Communion

Credits - Jessica Sprague Template Tuesday #15
Papers - Design House Digital iNSD Bloghop kit
Katie Pertiet Blendable Photo Cards (which I won!)
Cajoline Lace Alpha

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrappin' Backwards - Week 8

Right on the heels of Week 9, I've tackled Week 8...same great template from Simply Kelly Designs, her 7-Photo Template, just mirror imaged, and some of the same papers and elements - Anna Aspnes Something Springy, ArtPlay Palettes Barren Sunrise and English Rose, Maya de Groot's Snap month elements.
But then I could not stop adding things - mushrooms from Kitschy Digitals Woodland Diecuts, rain from Maya de Groot's design star kit, lots of elements from Jen Maddocks Parchment, Under the Umbrella, word art from Jen Maddocks Tell Your Story.
This page would not rest until all the white space was covered...after all, it is covering a lot of territory, a week in my life!

Week 8

How great is my book going to look with all these awesome weekly layouts side by side!

Week 8 Week 9

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Scrappin' Backwards - Week 9

Week 9 was a good week! We started with Megan's 23rd birthday celebration on Sunday. We made Megan a cake in the shape of 23 from two round cakes, with very little wasted. Make that none wasted, 'cause we ate the little piece that had to be cut out.  The tulips Dziem brought for Megan brightened my week and feature prominently in more than one Photo of the Day.

Although it was still quite cold, as witnessed by all the woolies I am wearing, all newly handmade by me, spring was also in the air, as the jasmine on the back fence started to show its buds.
The lace I ordered from Calico Corners for the upstairs curtains arrived.  

On Friday I went up to San Francisco to have lunch with Megan.  We ate at Noeteca, then walked over to Guerrero Park, a little recovered and revived street corner in Noe Valley.  While there, Megan got an email from Chelsea at Pottery Barn and secured an interview for the following Monday!  It was pretty exciting, and as we now know led to the intern job there.

This web version of the layout doesn't quite do the colors justice.  They are, as one viewer said, quite vivacious!  The tulips were the most luscious orange streaked with golden yellow, which I blended into a luscious orange background paper from Anna Aspnes' Something Springy kit.
The template is Simply Kelly's 7-photo Template, which I love for doing weekly layouts, with it's one large focal photo and 6 smaller ones, although as usual I enlarged all smaller photos to be larger.

Week 9

Other credits:
Anna Aspnes Something Springy, ArtPlay Palette Barren Sunrise and Special One papers, alpha, elements and overlays, plus Fotoglows from Anna Aspnes Artsy Layered Template #12. 
Other elements, like the white flower, the word art and the top border - Jen Maddocks Tell Your Story and Venerable.
The month word art pieces are from Maya de Groot's Snap kit.
The font used for Week 9 is one that Anna uses in her FotoBlenz templates and is called The Maple Origins, available from dafont.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

French Toast at Bill's Cafe

Last Sunday we decided to try out the local Bill's Cafe. I drive by Bill's a lot on the way home, and it doesn't look like much, but it has excellent reviews.

Now we understand why. It's not that the food was all that great, but it was good, and there was a lot of it!  The place was absolutely packed at 1 PM on a Sunday afternoon, long after traditional breakfast time, even for the most lazy sleeper-in.

Megan got an eggs Benedict thing, but on a baked potato, with potatoes! It was a carb nightmare.

Speaking of carb nightmares, I got a French-toasted cinnamon bun! It was decadent, and delicious! It actually came with two giant scrambled eggs and 4 pieces of bacon. I didn't finish it all, nor did I eat for the rest of the day.

French Toast 2

Jessica Sprague Template Tuesday #16
Papers from Jessica Sprague and Sara Schmutz Autumn Kitchen.
Elements from Jen Maddocks Venerable and Grandma's Quilt, and Royanna's French Flea Market.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 19 on the 19th

When I am all caught up on my Creative Team responsibilities, I can work on my weekly layouts.

Since I did Week 18 with Jen Maddocks Crop Circles, I wanted to do a facing page with the same basic template, mirror imaged.  I really like these collage-like layouts to represent the week.

I used the same Folded Craft paper and Scratched Alpha from Jen, and the same month stamp from Simply Kelly.  Also the Hipster Plume and FotoGlows from Anna Aspnes.  I also got to throw in some additional cool elements - the fork from Jen Maddocks Venerable, the notebook and pen and L O V E work art from Jen's Parchment.

It's funny how many "eventful" things can be accounted in a single week, when you take the time and effort to account for them.  Mother's Day brunch, several rounds of golf, the delicious Chef Randy meatloaf, my staple order at the Club bar, some wonderful NY gnome graffiti sent to me by the thoughtful Yvonne, and a bobcat strolling down Arezzo Drive!

Week 19 Crop Circles

Here is how the pages will look side-by-side.  Hmmm, might have to do some alignment tweaking before I print.
Week 18 JMD Circles FC Week 19 Crop Circles

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here, Kitty Kitty

Last Saturday May 14th, we walked out of the house in the morning to head to the fitness center, when across the street I see a bobcat, just sauntering along the houses and driveways. I just happened to have my camera with me because I was planning on possibly walking home. At first I thought he was going to disappear into a back yard before I could get the camera on, but he continued in sight, and I was able to follow him and get a few pictures.

The crows went freakin' nuts, descending on the area screeching and swooping down to the kitty, who didn't really seem to mind me or the crows. He just went about his business, walked to the park-like area at the end of the street, walked through the fence, up the hill through the tall grass, and on to the ridge and out of sight.

So, perfect photo of the day material, and opportunity to use the pics in a speed scrap at Design House Digital on Saturday night.

DHD Speed Scrap Bobcat

Papers - Karen Funk Paradise Punch, Alpha - Genia Beana Wild About You, Frames - Celeste Knight Weathered Frames and Karen Funk bloghop frame, other ellies - Maya de Groot Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slightly Skewed & Beauty-ful

A simple template from Simply Kelly was the perfect setting for my Photo of the Day from May 4. We pass by this nice bunch of pelargoniums nearly every day, and every day I admire them, but when I actually got down on the ground, put them in the foreground, and let the background be what it is...wow!

The perfect kit was provided via the Design House Digital iNSD (interNational Scrapbooking Day) Blog Hop.  All the colors are actually on the pink side of red-orange, kind of a cerise, but they won't show that way in web versions, unfortunately.

Pelargs SKD Skewed

Monday, May 16, 2011

Parchment, Bruges, Old Postcards & Time

The title is to be sung to the tune of Simon & Garfunkles' Scarborough Affair...Parchment, Bruges, old postcards & time...

OK, a stretch, but this is what's going on here:
- Parchment, a new release from Jen Maddocks Designs
- pictures of Bruges, one of my favorite European cities
- postcard from Harry Weber's 1930 trip to Europe
- time, or timeless in this case, as is Bruges, although I could not identify the location in the postcard (the simple solution would be to turn it over and read it, but it's currently out of the house...put on the "todo" list to get it back in the house)

Update - the postcard is back, revealing that the site is the Minnewater, which is a little helpful.  I believe my picture is also the Minnewater, the area behind the Begijnhof, which I think is where Megan is standing in the picture.  Oh, I need to take better travel notes!

These layouts use Jen Maddocks Frame Templates, with their wonderful grungy masks and frames and super-cool vintge-look photo frames, in addition to Parchment papers and elements.

Several little tidbits I remember from the canal boat trip we took in Bruges...one, how long we had to wait in line, and I remember one of the boat drivers sitting there eating his lunch while the lines got longer and longer, and two, how my camera ran out of battery or memory or both, and Megan was hurriedly trying to delete photos while I took the rest of the pictures with my phone.  And then there were the chocolate willies but that's a story for another time and venue.

In Bruges Parchment

In Bruges 2 Parchment

This is the Parchment kit, full of wonderful script and news-like papers, notebooks, typewriter, all things journal-ly!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roses are More than Red

On our walk last Saturday, the same one in which we encountered the new gnome friends, and in fact not far away from the gnomes on Morningside Drive, I stumbled across the most beautiful rose bush. I wanted to kneel down at the feet of the bush and worship the intense beauty of these roses. In fact I did kneel down to get the best pictures, as well as to savor the intense colors.  So just with my phone camera, I captured the most lovely images!

I scrapped them into a color swatch challenge from Design House Digital.  I included the color swatch right on the layout...gold, orange, peachy red and dark gray.  These roses had gold, orange and peachy red all in their petals, so with just a bit of added gray, my color swatch layout was complete.

DHD May Swatch Roses

I used a Tiffany Tillman Master Series template which wonderfully blends the backgrounds. I also used her Butter papers and elements from the DHD iNSD Blog Hop freebie. Additional elements from Karen Funk's In Bloom, the tear from the Blog Hop kit, with Jen Allyson's Vintage Black & Cream paper on it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Template Tuesday 14 - Gnew Gnomes

A little behind in using the Tuesday Template #14 from Jessica Sprague, which came out on the 3rd of May, but then I thought it might be appropriate to show the 14th template on the 14th of May.   And the photos were taken only a week ago, on the 7th of May.
When I opened this template, all the papers and elements were already in place, like a quick page, but layered and editable. So I saw this as an opportunity to make something quickly. I liked what I saw, very whimsical and  "Jessica ",  and thought of the new gnomes we encountered on our detour along Morningside Drive last Saturday, where we found two gnomes I had not met before, singing and dancing and having a great time in the shade of a tree next to a lovely fountain.
I did a bunch of recoloring to get mostly pink accents to turn orange.

My standby gnome kit is Woodland DieCuts from Kitschy Digitals, from whence came the cutout gnome and mushrooms.  Then I remembered a May technique challenge at Design House Digital to use an element to create a brush, so I made a mushroom brush and stamped it all over the background.

TT 14 Gnomes

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Redux

As the temperature soared into the 80's during the week, I was excited about wearing my new sleeveless floral dress that I bought at Anthropologie on the Saturday shopping trip with Megan.  However, the day dawned cloudy and downright cold.  Good thing I had also bought a new pair of pants, which combined with 3 layers, a scarf and a coat, yes, a coat, were more appropriate for the day.

But I tried not to let the cold dampen the pleasure of brunch at Noeteca with Megan and Tod.  After all, the company was just what I wanted, the setting great, the food fabulous!
And when they brought me a complimentary Mother's Day dessert, I may have cried a little.

Mothers Day Scrapbook Mothers Day Scrapbook 2

These layouts look so wonderfully complex, as I like them but much is due to the awesome artsy products used - Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Templates and ArtPlay Palette Special One.  I love how the swirly elements mimic the ironwork on the window, and the giant clock hand sits behind the clock picture.  I love that these photos were just random attempts to capture the moment and they tell such wonderful parts of the story.  I love the repetition of the black & white stripes and the checks on the floor and the black stools against the white light.
Mothers Day Scrapbook

After bunch we headed to Hayes Valley to buy macarons at Paulette, only to find Paulette closed for renovation.  But we were still able to find macarons at Miete and enjoy the other shops in the area, full of flowers and stained glass, while enjoying a Blue Bottle drip.

Thanks for another wonderful Mother's Day!

Mothers Day Scrapbook 2

Thursday, May 12, 2011

International Scrapbooking Day - Part 2 Peach Roses

Another speed scrap done for iNSD at Scrap Matters, this one with some quick rose pictures I took as we walked off the golf course...there are some lovely peach standard rose bushes in the kitchen garden of the Clubhouse, combined with lovely peachy and red papers and elements from the Design House Digital iNSD Bloghop Freebie collection.

I did some fun skewing of the paper strips on the left side, and tried to do the same thing with the stitching, and find I have some things to learn about skewing stitching.

And where is that saying from...A Rose by any other name would small as sweet?
Why, that's Shakespeare, from Romeo and Juliet.
That great black and white rose element is from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette English Rose.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crafty Folded Weekly Page - Week 18

Still wandering all over the place in creating weekly layouts, but I love the creativity and challenge of taking 7 photos and different templates and arranging them.

Phew I did so much here...and I LOVE it so much!

First, the template is Crop Circles 2 from Jen Maddocks Designs, with the circles enlarged (my first rule - make pictures bigger!), and the background papers are kept simple with Jen's Folded Craft papers. I had 5 pictures of flowers as my POTDs of the week, with one rather spectacular one featured in the larger circle.

Then for the 2 other photos - one of Tod on the patio for our first real lunch of the year out there (yes it is late for that!!) and the other of the jump house I found parked next to my car in that shopping center with the Starbucks over on the other side of town - I used stacks of masks and blenders, from Jen's Frames Templates and Anna Aspnes' Artsy Layered Template #12 and Hipster Plumes.

Then I played a lot with the lines of the elements and text, repeating the lines in the template and providing linear elements to contrast with the circles. Note the grid-like effect formed by the camera, the typewriter and the text.
Jen's Scratched & Outlined Alphas are used for the week text and number.
Finally, Simply Kelly Designs Month Brushes finishes it off.

Week 18 JMD Circles FC

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Circling The Castro with Simply Kelly Designs

Tuesday is new release day for Simply Kelly Designs. 
Today she released a new In A Circle Layered Template
This template is designed for 3 photos and has room for journaling and a small title.
Snatch this template up for $1 through May 17.

 Here is what I did with this template, with a couple of colorful photos from our shopping trip last Saturday, April 30th.  There is something so primitively awesome about the colorful street cars - they're like these transportation dinosaurs, screeching their way around the corners, reminding me of the trolley cars just down and across the street from the house in Newark NJ where I grew up.  I am starting to collect too many pictures of the rainbow flag flying on the corner of Market and Castro, but I love it.  The cool flowers are part of the downtown Anthropologie corky window display.
The Castro SKD Circles

Credits - Circle Template by Simply Kelly Design
Rainbows - Maya de Groot Home Sweet Home, Papers - Maya de Groot Snap
Brads, staples, overlay - Anna Aspnes Something Springy

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crafty Folded Birthday Page

Last week was Molly's birthday. She is 9 years old. In this interesting world of social networking, I am well able to keep up with the growings on of my nieces and nephews (and in fact the older ones are my friends on Facebook), but still I miss them, especially the little ones.

Amy posted this adorable picture on Facebook, which I downloaded, digitally enhanced, and feature in this page using Folded Craft and Scratched & Outlined Alpha, two new releases by Jen Maddocks Designs, as well as the recent Edgy release.

Molly BD Craft Edgy

Additional credits:
Sunday Morning by Jen Maddocks Designs and Ashelee Wall
Tell Your Story and Venerable by Jen Maddocks Designs
Celebrate (balloon) and Month Brushes by Simply Kelly Designs

Sunday, May 8, 2011

International Scrapbooking Day - Part 1 Green Scones

Of course International Scrapbooking Day is a real holiday, as much as Mother's Day, and certainly more fun that Administrative Assistants day or something like that.  It was almost overwhelming, how much stuff abounded on the internet on scrapbooking sites for this celebratory day and week.  Of course there were lots of speed scraps, which are too much fun to miss.

Since it's Mother's Day, I'll post a picture of myself.

This photo was taken by my colleague Phebe at the English Tea we had for the departure of 3 of our other colleagues, Jasmine, Shirley and Shweta.  The concept of tea was devised by my other colleague Lynda, who is English.  With such a diverse workforce, the honorees being Chinese, Japanese and Indian, it was not clear to everyone what to do with the lovely scones.  And so I was asked to demonstrate how to cut and butter a scone.  Ham that I am, happy to comply.
Why green?  Well, I think I look good in green :-)

Made this layout at a speed scrap at Design House Digital, where unfortunately the iNSD festivities were too much for its server for much of the week, taking it down and out of commission, but fortunately they fixed it in time for last night's speed scrap.

DHD Speed Scrap Scones

Everything from DHD, mostly from the iNSD Bloghop Freebie kit.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

Being one who mostly believes in keeping my opinions to myself (and family and blog), or at least allowing that all others are entitled to opinions different than my own, I tend to be more of a closet lover of God and country.

But I loved seeing the UK, and the world, swept up in the royal wedding, part patriotism, part paparazzi, but fairly universal good will, and I love to see a flag flying.

These two sentiments came together in this layout, my photo of the day being the flag that flies, always maintained properly, at the huge house on the hill on Morningside drive between the 6th, 7th and 8th holes.  I would love to see the inside of that beautiful house someday. Every day I am enjoying the progression of blooming of a lovely red single rose bush. While I love the beauty of hybrid teas, there is something so primitively beautiful about a single rose, more basic and wild looking, like something you would find in a secret garden.

The template is called Defining by Simply Kelly Designs and is available as FREEBIE on her blog.

Let Freedom Ring
Defining Template by Simply Kelly Designs
A Formal Affair Kit by Simply Kelly Designs
Celebrate Kit by Simply Kelly Designs
Busy Bee Kit by Simply Kelly Designs
Bokah from Jen Maddocks Designs Tell Your Story