Thursday, April 28, 2011

While on the Subject of Paris...

After doing several Parisian layouts using Maya de Groot's Ooh La La kit, I managed a speed scrap this week at Scrap Matters.

The first instruction was, "Choose a layout in the gallery to lift". I had already "favorited" several layouts using Amy Stoffel's Madeline kit.  I choose to lift this one, made by "Nietis". I love everything about it, but especially the clustering which I do not know how to do.

The next instruction was to use "1 more or 1 less photo(s)". Well, that was easy, since there were 0 photos, my layout would have 1.

- add flowers (easy, already done in the original)
- add staples or stitching
- frame something other than a photo
- add a scatter (also already done in the original)
- title, date and shadow

And here it is

Paris Speed Scrap 329

I pretty much replicated the clustering, pretty easy to do since I had all the elements from the Madeline kit. I choose to put the banner up top so I had room to frame an Eiffel Tower in the corner.

And I just LOVE what I did with the picture. One of my alltime best and favorite pictures. The story has already been told, probably too many times. We were walking back from the American Library in the 7th arrondisement. As we passed through the Champ de Mars, where we hadn't been for a few days, I noticed the cherry blossom trees had burst forth into bloom, silhouetted against la tour. Gasp!! Oh, I have to get a picture. "Go ahead", she said, "but hurry up!". And so I ran. I ran like I was a child again, full of the promise of springtime in paris. And I snapped this picture, among a few others, that I will treasure for life!

The lovely mask is by Butterflies and Bluebells. Many of the wonderfully kind comments noted the top of the Eiffel Tower extending outside the photo. This is relatively easy to do. The original photo was actually cut off mid way up the tower. But I had another photo of the upper portion. I simply placed this behind the original photo and set the blending mode to pin light, which caused the blue sky of the picture to blend with the blue of the background paper. The opacity is then set down to about 65%. Very cool effect, very easy to do! Another technique I used was to mask the photo onto the "City of Light" title.

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