Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly Layouts - Weeks 11 and 13

I am now in love with doing weekly layouts.  They help to document the less glamorous photos, those that don't make it into a feature layout, like the set of embroidered cuffs I made for Tracey's Christmas stockings.  And they well, capture the week!

After having so much fun creating a weekly for my rainy week 12, I went on to sunny week 13.

Week 13 Snap Template

I anticipate weeks 12 and 13 being side by side in a book or binder (yikes...a I make a book or print individually...oh, so many choices!), so I tried to unify the elements used on the two pages.

Week 12 Snap Template Week 13 Snap Template

I don't know how far back I will go. Some talk about how easy it is to do a weekly page with a template. Just plop in the photos and you are done. Well, not me. I edit the photos to compensate for bad light and bad photography, I add customized elements to highlight certain pictures (note the buttons, trim and bow on Megan's doll, the petals cascading from the apple blossom branches, oh I should have put a camera sticker on my self-portrait.  Oh wait, I can go back and do that!), I align and realign, I agonize over paper choices. But this is all fun, and in the end, I love the pages!

For week 11, the feature photo was the California poppy picture I took on the hill along Country Club Drive, so I went with an orange theme.  This is another of Maya de Groot's weekly Snap templates with papers and elements from Snap and Midsummer Night's Dream.

Week 11 Snap Template

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