Friday, April 8, 2011

Take Flight

It's Friday, and I would like to take flight... wanderlust is setting in... I would long for June and our trip to Italy and Switzerland, but I think it is a bad idea to hurry time...time must be savored, and so I must wait.

So how I would like to savor time with ... a nap, a walk on the beach, a movie on my iPad while under piles of quilts and blankets, a day of playing.   Someone slap me, I have work to do!

"Take Flight" is the collaborative kit being featured at Digital Dandelions, and it is packed and lovely!

I created a couple of layouts with this collab, and this was before I even realized there were 4 folders of goodies available..oops!

This first layout is me being literal. The fabulous bird in the kit was designed by Jen Maddocks, and I love it! So I thought, big bird...big birds!  I dug up the picture of Sam Eagle on our back fence from last September, and Cooper Hawk from last month.  I should have placed Hootie the Owl in the center ... maybe I'll do that when I redo the layout for printing.  The great template is also part of the collab!

DD Collab Big Birds

The postage stamp frame in the collab kit, pre-shadowed beautifully, needed to be used again, along with the big bird.  I used three recent tree pictures showing the beautiful and normal blue skies for late March - the bottom picture was taken at Rotten Robbie in Cupertino as I was waiting for my gas tank to fill, the center one is a beautiful tree along Arezzo Drive, and the top one is that huge live oak on the 11th tee.  I repeated the trees transparently in the background, capturing the bird between some of the layers, added a border from Jen and some simple word art, a couple of embellishments from the kit (love those birds in flight).  It is one of the quickest layouts I have made, and the one that has captured the most feedback.  I like that!

DD Collab Trees

Here is the Take Flight kit from Digital Dandelions.

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