Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roses are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I love scrapping, and gardening too.
(What a dork!)

Created with Jen Maddocks Crop Circles and my new Madeline kit, plus lots of other goodies.  These are the first roses on the little bush out front, responding to the rain, the warmer weather, and probably in response to the recent dose of fertilizer.

Roses Crop Circles 2
There were a lot of things we had to include in this speed scrap at Scrap Matters:
4 papers, 4 unique flowers, duplicated 3 times each, 3 scatters, 3 ribbons or bows, word art strips, 3 lines of stitching, 3 buttons, 4 more elements, date, journal and title. Phew! 
The idea, I believe, was to create "clusters" with all those elements. But clustering just doesn't come naturally to me. I had the same problem with painting. It was always hard for me to overlap elements. I wonder why??

Additional credits:
Template is Crop Circles 2 by Jen Maddocks, Papers are Madeline by Any Stoffel, flares and elements are Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz and Artplay Palette, elements - Miss Miss Bitten, Kat Design, Ninie. Buttons and ribbons - Any Stoffel Madeline, word strips Dede Smith Blessings, stitching - Maya de Groot Prego, Soval Designs Bead Scatter

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