Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More "From My Canvas" & Roses

Those sweet little rose bushes out back are the gem of the back yard. They're that old-fashioned kind of rose with the lovely scent that is "roses". With TLC and fertilizer, they are rewarding us with tons of blooms, even able to pick some for inside enjoyment.
April 21 Cut Roses

And so they are the subject of many a layout, in my current favorite color combo, turquoise and pink.  I love this shot of the rose bush with the fence giving line and perspective, the ever-present weather vane adding height, the faux-rocks providing some grounding color.  I must remember to get down on the ground more often for a different perspective.  Intentionally, that is, not by falling.

The picture-on-canvas effect was a happy accident...not even sure how I did it.  I wanted to introduce a watercolor effect for the photo, so I found a torn watercolor paper from my Jessica Sprague Digi In Deeper class.  Built a mask behind the photo and did some brush work, then somehow, through a combination of hiding and clipping, I ended up with just the tears showing, and liked it, especially in combination with the light-gray-shadowed Edgy papers.

Nature's Canvas

Border from Jen Maddocks Venerable, lovely jeweled drops from Jen Maddocks Under the Umbrella.
Previews of From My Canvas papers and Edgy by Jen Maddocks Designs, found at Digital Dandelions.

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