Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Sweet Home - Part 3 & Finale

If I spread out these Home Sweet Home layouts too much more, I am going to forget about them, and not have room and time to post all the other wonderful stuff that is being released by the wonderfully creative ladies for which I am a Creative Team member.

And so, without further ado, here are several more layouts done with Maya de Groot's Home Sweet Home kit, as part of her spotlight week at Oscraps.

First, or third (see Home Sweet Home Part 1 and Part 2), and probably my favorite. On a walk last week, I took the extra block around Arezzo Way, and came upon these gnomes-on-a-stick. The mushrooms on which they sit are solar-powered lights. I must make a point to walk by some time in the dark (although it was not clear that they would get much solar power under the tree, but still, they were cute!).  I am most proud of the hand-made banner I created for this layout.
And how clever of Maya to include the "@" sign in her alpha.
TT 12 Gnomes at Home
Everything from Maya de Groot Designs - Home Sweet Home, Home Sweet Home Add On, Primavera, and Midsummer Night's Dreams. The template is Template Tuesday #11 from Jessica Sprague.

The next two layouts were inspired by what I was seeing in Maya's spotlight gallery...lots of kitties and treehouses.  So I dug up a picture of Moe in the bird bath at Stern Avenue.  I miss Moe, and do hope he is doing well since we left.  He was a source of constant entertainment!
Moe in Oct 09 HSH
Credits - Maya de Groot Designs Home Sweet Home and Home Sweet Home Add On plus Midsummer Night's Dream  and Template Set 5.

Treehouses reminded me of Megan's apartment at Rhode Island Street, and uses some of the same pictures I used in her 2010 calendar.  I used some creative brush work here, once again having to refer to my notes from my Digi in Deeper class.
Treehouse Home Sweer Home

Credits - Made with Maya's Home Sweet Home and Prego.

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