Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crop Circles Part 2

There are four different  templates in Jen Maddock's Crop Circles 2 kit, and I intend to use every one of them!
Here is the second layout I created, using template # 1. The progression of circles made me think of telling a story, something over a period of time, and so I thought about the progression from design to finished product, as in Megan's final collection, which was in progress just about this time last year.

I thought about this for days, wanting the circles to show the progression from inspiration through creation to the presentation at the fashion show, then struggled to find the right photos. There really are no photos of that in-between period, where day blended into night and back into day again, where even I stayed up until the early morning hours to help with finishing the collection.

But with a few prompts, in my mind, I can fill in the gaps.

Fashion Show
Crop Circles 2 template, Under the Umbrella and Venerable kits  from Jen Maddocks Designs
Take Flight collab from Digital Dandelions,
Brushes from Jessica Sprague and Deviantart.com
the croque brushes I created from Megan's illustrations

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