Saturday, March 5, 2011

Treasure Hunting San Francisco

It was a good hunting day yesterday. As I was driving up Clipper St to pick up Megan for lunch, I spied an antique store on the corner of Clipper and Church (too bad I didn't remember that the cross street was Church, but no matter, we found it), and there in front was a metal plant stand. I have been wanting a plant stand for in front of the dining room window, and there it was!
And here it is, just waiting to be all loaded up.
Tod likes it because the plants are in a little cage and can't fall out or off like one African Violet casualty did last weekend, bumped by we-won't-say-who's butt. Oh I love you little antique treasure!
Plant Stand

Then we went off to lunch at Noeteca. We knew this was a treasure, but now we know it even more!
This time we sampled the Caprese salad and the croque Josephine, with a giant mug of thick soy latte with foam that could stand up a spoon! We used the 2nd, and last, Groupon.
Template is Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz Page 17.

Off for a walk in the neighborhood after lunch, we came upon Guerrero Park, a little slice of urban renewal with benches, hollowed out trees planted with low maintenance plants and succulents, and odds and ends.
Guerrero Park

Papers and elements in both layouts are from Garden Lover by Joey Lynn Designs at Owl Tree Studio.

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