Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simply Kelly Runner Girl Kit

I love the color power of Simply Kelly's new Runner Girl kit.  The pink really packs a punch!  And the hand-drawn imagery is simply adorable, creative and dynamic!  But what to do with it??  I used to run, but never ran races, and it's been a long time since I ran any distance.

I was going to do something pink with it, then Megan reminded me of her track photos.  We don't have a lot of photos on the computer from this period (hmmm, sounds like a big project in the making), but there were some track photos from 2001, when Megan was at Hyde Middle School, and was quite the distance runner.

Runner Girl #1 Megan

I actually dreamed about this design.  I was thinking of a zig-zag to convey action from top to bottom.  I sketched it with both straight and curvy lines, then when I sat down to Photoshop, the curvy arrow custom shape jumped into view.  I love the dynamic of this shape.  The background is 3 layers - the cool diagonal stripe, toned down with a pink paper and white mesh, pinned in place with pink brads.
The photos are masked into place with Anna Aspnes Magic FotoBlenz, plus Anna's brushes, flares and loop-de-loops for more action.  Epoxy buttons, with a simple feathered cut from another paper behind the title, and the coolest digital clock and numbers, complete the layout.

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