Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simply Kelly 3-Photo Template No. 1

A new template release from Simply Kelly Designs today!

Templates make scrapping very fast and easy. Simply plop in the photos, customize the paper layers, add embellishments, and then spend the next hour tweaking everything!

I created two different layouts with this template, or at least I thought so. The first features some of my Photos of the Day from a week ago when the rain was fresh on the new rose leaves.

SKD 3Photo Raindrops on Roses
In addition to the template, I used several more kits from Simply Kelly - A Formal Affair, The Power of Pixels, and Celebrate, with the lovely green and peach papers from Prego by Maya de Groot.  The raindrops are also from Maya, and the little flourish brush is from Mary Ann Wise at DHD.

For the next layout, I decided to feature some people photos, so I grabbed a couple more pics from Megan and my lunch at Noeteca the week before.

SKD 3Photo Megan at Noeteca
Again, several more kits from Simply Kelly - Talk to Me, Celebrate, A Formal Affair, and Love Birds, and stitching from Thalaris A Colorful Life.

As I look at the two of them, I realize I inadvertently did the same thing in both...polka dots and mesh and beads.  But, I liked everything once, and I liked it again!

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  1. They both look different though even though it's the same template and similar papers/elements. Very nice work!