Sunday, March 20, 2011

Primavera by Maya de Groot Designs

I need a dose of spring after the 3rd day in a row of rain.  So it was time to play with Maya's Primavera kit. Searching through my recent pictures, I had the perfect ones...a couple of colorful pictures taken on the hill between 7 and 8 last week - I take a lot of pictures on this hill because it takes my mind off the pain of climbing the hill! The plum trees have finished blooming and are leafed out. The colorful and scentful yellow bush with the gray green leaves and the blue bush were all a contrast of subtle colors.

Maya's wonderful assortment of solid and patterned papers are perfect for collage.  This layout uses another of her unique templates, Maya de Groot Designs Template Set 4.

As complex as this may look, it is only 5 papers and 2 photos, with 3 elements - the forsythia branch, the bud branch, and the swirl.  Everything else was achieved with blending, masking and repetition, in the clever placement of the template and the additional template mat placed on the right side.
If I find the time I will decompose this layout to show how simple these techniques can be.

Spring Primavera

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