Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Too Shabby

Last week I finished up "shabby" week in my Digi in Deeper class.
You know me, chameleon...I like it wherever I am, and I like whatever I am doing, for the most part.

And so I LOVE these shabby layouts, especially this first one.  How beautiful is this?? I did this!  It looks like a painting, n'est-ce-que pas?? 
I masked and blended and erased and blended some more, extracted, extracted, extracted, stamped, and the only thing that could make it more perfect would be some sand and shells.  
Perhaps I'll redo it some day.

Lesson 8 Shabby Beach

But for now, got to move on, to this next and final shabby layout. I decided to make them a 2-page spread, so I repeated a lot of the elements from one page to the next.

Lesson 9 Shabby Maui

All the pictures are from our 2009 pre-Christmas trip to Maui, all taken on the beach at the Maui El Dorado.

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