Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Flora Part 2

California is not know for being a good area for growing bulb flowers. It might be the one thing I miss about the East Coast, that wondrous feeling when you see crocus leaves poking up through the snow and frozen ground.

Yes, we can do daffodils here, especially at higher elevations, but not so much tulips or other bulbs.

And so that's what makes this crocus sighting so special. There is a house on the corner of Arezzo Drive and Arezzo Way with a beautiful front garden. And the other day I spied a few crocus. Naturally, I had to get a picture. Luckily I carry a camera on my walks so I was able to get a macro shot.

I decided to "focus on the crocus" in this layout using the Stuck on You kit by Maya de Groot Designs.
Lots of background layers piled and blended with plenty of swirls and overlays gives this the collage effect I love.  I just read a tip the other day about jounaling over dark background areas of a photo - worked perfectly in this case.

Focus on Crocus 

Featuring  Stuck on You and Template Set 4 by Maya de Groot Designs.
Font is Freebooter from 

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