Friday, March 11, 2011

March Flora Part 1

I can't resist taking pictures of flowers, and so my layouts are dominated by flowers. I love the vivid color, the shading on petals, the contrast with green leaves. I get as close as I can, and sometimes I actually get a good picture.

This first was done as part of the Design Star challenge at Scrap Matters. The cute template from geniaBeana had daisy-like flowers on it, simply meant to represent placement for elements. But the flowers were perfectly shaped to complement my pictures, so I colored them to match, and love how this all flows together. The pictures were taken with my cell phone on Corbett Ave.

SM Rnd 3 Flowers
Credits: Prego by Maya de Groot Designs, Down This Road Merriment.
Pink paper was from Round 1 Design Star 71 at Scrap Matters.

The poppies have started to appear! And while we don't really call them coquelicots here, and while what the French refer to as coquelicots are the red poppies, I love the word, and so it is. I took these photos on a hillside of Country Club Drive during a walk this week, but only one of them was not blurry. But I was able to extract the blurry photos and use them as elements in the cluster.
This was done as a speed scrap at Scrap Matters.

SS 314 Coquelicots
Credits: Bean Bunny Designs Morning Dew and Scrap in a Can papers and elements, stitches from Prego by Maya de Groot Designs.

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